About Us

Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of Kentucky and Indiana (APPKI) is a non-profit organization.

Aims and objectives shall be:

  • To support medical education and research
  • To advance the interests of medicine and medical organizations
  • To foster scientific development and education in the field of medicine for the purpose of improving the quality of medicine and delivery of better health care, without regard to race, color, creed, sex or age.
  • To facilitate a greater and better understanding and relations amongst Pakistani physicians and between them and the people of North America.
  • To support the efforts of those who would preserve, protect and enhance the reputation and services of the medical profession in general and Pakistani physicians in particular.
  • To assist newly arriving Pakistani physicians in orientation and adjustment.
  • To institute ways and means to cooperate with other medical organizations in North America.
  • To encourage medical education and delivery of better health care in Pakistan, specifically by arranging for donation of medical literature, medical supplies, and by arranging lecture tours, medical conferences, and seminars in Pakistan.
  • To participate in medical relief and other charitable activities both in Pakistan and in North America